About Us

About Us

CMP is a thriving cleaning company, specializing in all types of commercial and residential services across GTA and surrounding areas. CMP takes immense pride in the quality of its services, delivered by our team of professionally trained workers, cleaners and volunteers. Abiding with its well-rooted moral, ethical and environmentally friendly principles, CMP strives to maintain customer satisfaction. Our prices are affordable, products are natural and workers are professional! Having put customer satisfaction at the forefront, CMP has conquered milestones on its way up to success in a very short span of time. What started as a small house cleaning business has now worked its way up to a highly successful industrial company. CMP has expanded its services in various domains of residential and commercial services.

Our residential services include house cleaning, condo cleaning, moving in/out servicing and party cleaning. Our commercial services branch out to various sectors such as restaurants, warehouses, small or large offices, as well as janitorial services. We also specialize in professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning and servicing external extremities around your premises.

To an average person living in a metropolitan city where time lies at the mercy of your busy schedule, “cleaning” is a tiring chore, which gets done to its bare necessity. The term cleaning is used very generously and ambiguously in our day-to-day lives. Be it due to our busy schedule or simply a cause of laziness, we are programmed to think that just because a surface is not visibly dirty, it must be clean. However, this is not true! Picking up the mess your kids leave behind, or wiping visible streaks of dirt, or mere vacuuming and dusting does not necessarily signify cleanliness. It just temporarily gets rid of our visibly unwanted pollutants, which are just the tip of the iceberg!

Here at CMP, we believe in cleaning from the inside out! For us the term cleaning is an entire industry! This is why we do not treat it as a tiring chore. For us cleanliness is a passion and ensuring a clean environment our duty! Each and every worker at CMP is well experienced and trained both practically and theoretically. There are many important aspects to cleaning, and more often than not, they get pushed aside for a bigger occasion. This makes way for many different types of pollutants such as dust mites, microbes, germs, bacteria etc. contributing to a highly toxic, dirty and unhygienic indoor environment. Needless to say, this has very dangerous consequences for your health! Our scientific understanding of the chemistry of various cleaning reagents, physical methods of cleaning various surfaces, biological basis of our health and environmental interaction with microbes/pollutants, has shaped our innovative ideas and procedures- to deliver extra clean and long lasting results. We hire nothing but the best, and vigorously train our employees to ensure top-notch quality.

Be it at home or at work sitting in a small office, everyone deserves a clean indoor environment. So if you are a victim of a busy schedule and time is a restraint, then contact CMP today to solve your needs. Save yourself time, energy and in the long run even money by having your premises cleaned professionally- at your own convenience! We will do it all. With affordable rates, it’s definitely a smart investment.

Our company serves the following areas: Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Thornhill, Oakville, Woodbridge, Scarborough, York, East York, Etobicoke, Maple, Richmond Hill, Burlington, Ajax and Pickering

To inquire further about our services, rates, and promotions, contact us today at

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Your satisfaction is our priority.